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Atlas Technologies

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Atlas Technologies is the leader in hermetic bimetallic joining and aluminum vacuum. Atlas offers reliable cryogenic dissimilar metal couplings, flanges and fittings which are hermetic to ultra high vacuum (UHV). Atlas' bimetallic joining technology enables engineers to apply the properties of one metal seamlessly with that of another. For example, Atlas' transitions couplings are used in cryogen delivery lines where the low thermal conductivity of stainless-steel transitions directly to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum. Many bimetallic combinations are available: Ti/SS, Ti/Al, Cu/Ti...

Atlas Technologies has also pioneered the use of aluminum ultra high vacuum. Atlas manufactures aluminum vacuum chambers and Atlas CF flanges which have a stainless steel knife edge and face bonded to an aluminum body for weld-up to an aluminum chamber. Atlas CF flanges enable engineers to utilize the outstanding properties of aluminum-low hydrogen, nonmagnetic, high thermal conductivity, light weight - for reliable high performance vacuum.