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When working with production scale thin film coating systems, agility, accuracy and flexibility are one of the most important parameters that define the uniformity and quality of coatings on the target. In any deposition system, changes in pressure cause the flow to fluctuate. Alicat mass flow controllers provide a stable control with an accuracy calibration of +/- (0.8% of Reading + 0.2% of Full Scale) and a repeatability of +/- 0.2%, thus ensuring that you hit your desired film quality with every batch.

In vacuum applications, it is imperative that the controller reacts to system changes instantly. Alicat flow controllers ensure that your chamber has the appropriate gas concentrations by reacting in under 50 ms to commands and process changes. This speed of response also depends on the method by which the device is being talked to, our Industrial protocols (EtherCat, Profibus, Ethernet/IP etc.) not only simplify integration with industrial PLCs but also ensure that your communication network does not prove to be a hindrance in speed of response.